The primary aim is to support multidisciplinary cooperation, the transfer of knowledge and integration of priorities among private and public partnerships that foster mutually beneficial relationships, facilitate academic research and stimulate economic prosperity in Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Customized programs are catered to the unique theoretical and conceptual needs of a targeted community, region, or organization and applied to better understand complex issues – from access and delivery of care to cost and quality and to achieve important tasks and goals.

Emphasis is given to programs that certify knowledge, accountability and a personal commitment to industry standards as well as the advancement of processes that support performance and professional development, and inspire a diversified pool of future trainers, educators and independent thinkers. Efforts are geared specifically to establish or expand upon existing programs related to:

  • Physician education and exchange
  • Health Care systems and medical technology transfer
  • “Ground-round” exchange through telemedicine tools
  • Exchange allied medical knowledge programs
  • Continuous medical education